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July 2014
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Can Diet Reverse Diabetes?

Can Diet Reverse Diabetes?

A new documentary was released recently called Raw For 30-Days.  It followed five Americans suffering from Adult Onset Type II Diabetes.  These participants underwent a radical 30-day diet and lifestyle change.  They were hoping to reverse their diabetes or reduce their insulin dependency.  All subjects were eating a standard American junk food diet and were insulin dependent and diabetic when they started this process.  They were taken to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona to undergo a 30-day health regimen.  They ate 100% raw organic living foods that would reverse their Diabetes naturally.  They had to give up meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, soda, junk food, fast food, processed food, packaged food and cooked food.  Here’s the link to the movie’s site http://www.rawfor30days.com/

Is it just food?  I don’t believe so.  Changing your diet, even if you are not suffering from a disease, is not easy.  It will bring up emotions and feelings that have been long buried with food and other addictions.  The participants in the movie not only radically changed their food intake, but also took classes in alternative medicine, yoga, meditation, and spent their time in a beautiful, peaceful environment.  It’s important to surround yourself with support when you make any major changes in your life.  The results of this program brought astonishing results.  One person did leave the program.  But the other participants had exceptional results.  Within four days, most of the participants were off their insulin and oral anti-diabetic medications.  It was that quick.  After the 30 days, the Type 2 diabetics had achieved a level of health that was considered comparable with a normal non-diabetic physiology.

It takes time to get on a healing track.  For most people, just taking meat out of their diet is traumatic.  These people went from eating a typical fast food diet their whole life to eating raw foods only.  They were introduced to supplements, enzyme therapy and exercise.  Moving was a very important factor in getting their blood sugar under control.  Exercise helps get the blood sugar into the cells.  The enzyme therapy is important because most people, especially diabetics, have a sluggish digestion process.

We know it’s healthier to eat raw.  But do you have to do 100%?  No, you don’t.  Try eating as much raw as possible.  Also take red meat and chicken out of your diet.  Most of these animals are pumped with hormones and antibiotics.  Dairy should also be eliminated.  Dairy has been shown to increase childhood diabetes because of the inflammation it causes in the pancreas.

One of the participants of the 30-day program went on to go to naturopathic medical school.  He was so influenced by his transition and his health by changing to a mainly raw food lifestyle that he chose to continue to help others.  He can now speak from personal experience.  I love this.  Make your own personal experience.  Being able to speak from personal experience will allow others to heal.  Diabetes is reversible.  The body is capable of healing itself.  Nutrition, mental health and exercise are all factors in that transition.  Statements from doctors about how there are no options for certain diseases or disorders, is damaging to your health.  I’ve heard of too many friends who believe the doctors and give up.  Share your knowledge about health with others.  Share the good news.

Unfortunately, even the American Diabetes Association says, “Diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure.”  True fact….a good friend of mine is a diabetic.  We traveled to Florida many years ago and during that time she was free of stress and we were feeding her wheatgrass juice prior to our departure.  During our stay in Florida, she did not have to give herself a shot of insulin.  I’ve seen it work first hand.  Not just in the movies.  So why are doctors still not telling their diabetic patients about the raw food lifestyle?  I don’t know….ask yours.

Please consult your doctor before beginning any major lifestyle changes.